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During the resolution of the lawsuit in Luxembourg opposing Ryanair Limited  to me, this 2nd level domain name is blocked for all transfers.

Dear Ryanair Limited, in may 2014 your head of marketing, Mr. Jacobs, said that you are a "brand that listens".
So please listen to me and get my message clear:

As I told your lawyer 4 times,
As I wrote you by registered letter,
As my lawyer told your lawyer 2 times,
As I stated on the old version of this page,

You can have this 2nd level domain name for free! ASAP!

Not even 0.99€! For free!

You only have to get in contact with me and listen to my opinions concerning the dispute we had in 2009 / 2010 and which was ruled by the
CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) in London, whose verdict you refuse.

And I also ask you to stop this ridiculous lawsuit you are slapping me with because I dare to say on the Internet "you get what you pay for" when it comes to the prices you ask and the quality of service you offer...

OK with this?
Then contact me please: schlauch999(at)